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It’s A Wonderful Woof (More)


October 20th, 2022 Posted 8:14 am

Since It’s A Wonderful Woof is just out now in paperback, why not a little sample?

“Never actually done this on my own in my whole life, always just following orders,” he said. “But I don’t see why not.”

Bernie got to work, setting the tree up in the stand, cutting off a branch or two with a breadknife from the kitchen, hanging a red ball here and a green ball there, and tossing on some tinsel.

“Too much tinsel, Chet? Don’t want to over-egg the pudding.”

Impossible of course, since we’d already established there were no eggs on the premises.


It’s A Wonderful Woof (More)


October 19th, 2022 Posted 8:26 am

Since It’s A Wonderful Woof is now in paperback, how about I post this little bit of me running my mouth about it when the book first came out (hardcover and digital) last year?

Inspiration, the Holidays, and Me


Pub Date (Paperback)


October 18th, 2022 Posted 7:48 am

For those who like to wait for the paperback edition – today’s paperback pub date for It’s A Wonderful Woof, the Chet and Bernie novel that came before Bark To The Future. Here’s an Amazon review from today of Bark To The Future, but it seems to apply to the whole series:

“Another Great Chet & Bernie. Can’t stop reading these books! The amazing Chet tells another tale of murder, love, romance and excitement! Chet, you are way too funny…….love your stories!”

Mrs. Publicist Steps In


January 18th, 2022 Posted 8:27 am

Hi, everybody! Mrs. P here. I noticed the following in a five star review of It’s A Wonderful Woof, the most recent Chet and Bernie novel: “Normally I wait for the paperback of a series to be published, but with Chet and Bernie I have to get the hardback. End of story (as Chet would say).”

Very nice to see, but for those of you who stick to your paperback guns, the most recent C&B in paperback is Of Mutts And Men. For newcomers to the series, you could always start there! The series – I very recently learned – is written in the continuous present, and thus (if I got this right) can be read in any order! Did you know there’s a Proustian way of looking at the narration in C&B? And that in many respects it conforms to the literary theories of Viktor Shklovsky? Tell that to your highfalutin friends!



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