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No Iggy

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February 19th, 2009 Posted 8:28 am

What a case we had yesterday! It was supposed to be divorce work, which we hate, me and Bernie, but have to do on account of our finances – a mess, and just like the finances of the whole country, Bernie says, which goes right by me – but it ended up with me grabbing a perp by the pantleg. That’s how we know the case is closed. Perp by the pantleg and it’s curtains. Speaking of curtains, you can find all kinds of interesting stuff behind them. Once – and this was kind of amazing – I came across a great big T-bone. That sure surprised the mayor! Can’t remember what we were doing in the mayor’s office, exactly. It ended up with him being cuffed and taken away and we got a big check. All gone, of course. Bernie decided to invest in this company that was going to make Hawaiian pants just like Hawaiian shirts. Bernie loves Hawaiian shirts, but Hawaiian pants didn’t take off, no idea why.

Oops. This was supposed to be about how come Iggy and I don’t pal around together anymore.


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