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Tomorrow at 1!


September 13th, 2019 Posted 8:18 am

I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in Framingham Mass. – 1 Worcester Rd. How do we pronounce Worcester in this state? Kind of like Wooster in Bertie Wooster, although not quite. I’ll be talking Chet and Bernie, but what if I veer off into P.G. Wodehouse? You never know!


P.G. Wodehouse and Us


May 3rd, 2012 Posted 8:57 am

“Remember the scene at the beginnning of The Dog Who Knew Too Much?” Admin says. “Where Bernie addresses the Great Western Private Eye Association?”

“I do, as it happens,” says Spence.

“When you wrote that, did you have in mind Gussie Fink-Nottle’s speech at the Market Snodsbury Grammar School awards day ceremony from Right Ho, Jeeves?”

“Depends what you mean by have in mind. I don’t think you can write that sort of scene without being aware of the Wodehouse version. But there are many differences, starting with the point of view, of course.”

“How about a bit of Bernie, from the opening of The Dog Who Knew Too Much? Maybe as he’s wrapping up:”

Bernie shuffled through the papers. “And I guess that more or less … brings us to the end of the prepared remarks.” What was the word for when humans talk but you can’t understand a thing? Muttering? Yeah. Bernie was muttering now. “Happy to take any questions,” he went on, or something like that.

There were no questions.

“Well, then, it’s time to, uh … thanks. Yeah. Thanks. You’ve been a great, um.” Bernie raised his hand in a funny sort of wave, a page or two flying free, and started walking off the stage. Then came the applause. I heard it for sure, but my sense of hearing’s probably better than yours, no offense.



Blog Update


May 2nd, 2012 Posted 7:58 am

“Things seem to be zooming today,” Admin says.

“Many thanks to Mike Baker,” Spence says.

“Technology marches on, as we always say.”

“Even in Stovernia?”

“Not sure about that. Stovernia has its own codes.”

“Did you ever read P.G. Wodehouse’s The Code of the Woosters?”

“Of course. One of the best-plotted novels I know. Do people still read him?”

“Let’s throw it out there.”

Welcome Bella & Casey Jo, Maxwell (with Julia), Echo.


Grab Bag


July 28th, 2011 Posted 8:15 am

“P.G. Wodehouse came up yesterday?” Spence says. “In the down under part?”

“Yup,” says Admin.

“What’s your favorite?”

“Uncle Fred in the Springtime.”

“Is that the one where Gussie Fink-Nottle gives the speech at the grammar school?”

“Nope, that’s in Right Ho, Jeeves. Also great.”

“The SteelDrivers also came up yesterday,” Spence says.

“Not the same since the lead singer left,” says Admin. “Just my opinion.”

“And finally it looks like To Fetch A Thief is an AudioFile Earphones Award winner.”

“So – a shout-out to Jim Frangione, who does the narration so well.”

Welcome Maroney, Dewey and Boomer.


The Books

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