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Post Mortem


August 2nd, 2013 Posted 8:47 am

“How did yesterday’s appearance go?” says Admin.

“No one threw anything,” Spence says.

“That’s what we like to hear. This was at the Wequassett resort on beautiful Pleasant Bay at the elbow of Cape Cod?”

“Exactly. A luncheon sponsored by Where the Sidewalk Ends, an excellent book store in Chatham. Two other writers spoke – Maggie Shipstead and Ann Leary. They were great.”

“Did you tell the one-review story?”

“I hadn’t planned to, but yes.”

“So we’re talking off-the-cuff?”

“Very much so.”


Welcome Mosey Martin, Hobbes, Diamond (Didi) Diva Valentina, Jasper Valentine, Bella, couch dude, Doobie; and Hubert!


No Post Today (Again)


April 29th, 2010 Posted 9:27 am

“How did the panel go?”

“I snuck in the one-review story.”

“For God’s sake.”


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