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RIP: Paul The Octopus


October 27th, 2010 Posted 9:04 am

“Hey,” says Bernie. “Paul the octopus died. He’s the one who predicted World Cup soccer winners – in fact, I went with his Spain pick in the final this year and scored ten bucks. He lived in a tank at Sea Life in the German city of Oberhausen and made his picks by opening the lid of one of two clear plastic boxes, each containing a mussel and a team flag.”

Yeah? But how did he open the mussels? Not so easy, as I know from experience.

Bernie gives me a look, like he’s having an idea. “So who do you like in the World Series? Maybe we could bury the two team caps and then … “

What is he talking about? All you have to know is good pitching beats good hitting. He’s said that himself so many times I’ve lost count. Meaning it was more than two. Two’s enough, in case I haven’t mentioned that already.


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