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Nice Near-Future News


April 7th, 2016 Posted 8:17 am

CfY8ZTCW8AEoRVxThanks, readers!

(And RIP Merle Haggard. A very big loss.)


Thanks, Everybody (More)


December 10th, 2015 Posted 7:39 am

This time for making WOOF #3 on upcoming NYT middle-grade e-book bestseller list. We’re very grateful.



Thank You, Humans


May 7th, 2015 Posted 7:44 am

We were going to have some more discussion of metaphors today with Spence and Admin, but you’ll be spared the tedium of that by breaking news: WOOF will debut Sunday May 17 at #13 on the NYT children’s middle-grade bestsellers list.

Thank you, readers!



Friend of the Month Heads Up!


September 30th, 2012 Posted 8:30 am

“Thirty days hath September,” says Spence.

“Was the language better when hath was around?” Admin says. “Thee, thy, doth, all that?”

“Better? I don’t know. It’s a living thing, always changing.”

“So if a language doesn’t change it’s dead? Like Latin?”

“Nihil nisi bonum,” Spence says. “And now it’s time to remind everyone that today’s the last day of eligibility for October’s Friend of the Month contest. All you have to do is upload a photo to the Friends of Chet gallery. The random # generator does the rest! If you’re already in the gallery you’re eligible till the end of time.”

“Which will also be the end of space, if the cosmologists are right.”

“Prize is a signed – and paw-printed – copy of A Fistful of Collars (on the NYT bestseller list today – thanks everybody!) and the winning Friend of the Month is displayed for the entire month in the special place over on the right where Brad is now. Easy, fun, and we’ll throw in a Chevy Corvair.*”

*100% true except for the Corvair part.

Condolences to Terry.

Welcome Macbeth, Sparky & Clover.




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