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Himmler (More)


November 15th, 2011 Posted 8:19 am

“I think you confused people with the Heinrich Himmler as P.I. thing,” Spence says. “Care to clarify?”

Admin sighs. “This was at Crime Bake. It’s a crime fiction conference and a lot of the people who come are looking for guidance.”

“So what were you doing there? Heh heh, just kidding.”

Admin gives Spence a look. “This particular panel was on how to build suspense. I was just pointing out that there are technical things, yes, but nothing works unless you care about the character.”

“And as an example, you – ?”

“Exactly. Picked Heinrich Himmler out of the air. Suppose he was the P.I., solving crimes, getting in danger. You wouldn’t care. In fact you’d want him to fail.”

“Didn’t he come to a grubby end?”

“Yes, wandering around in disguise. The Brits captured him, identified him, but failed to search him properly, thus missing the suicide pill he successfully took. He should have been in the dock at Nuremberg.”

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