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Mike the Pillow Guy …


June 13th, 2020 Posted 10:05 am

… as Nixon Panero (Chet and Bernie’s go-to car repair man). Someone in yesterday’s comment had a moment of genius.


What’s In A Name?


May 17th, 2014 Posted 9:27 am

Ms. Publicist: Way past the fifteenth of the month so we’re overdue for What’s In A Name – where Spencer Quinn discusses a character name from the Chet and Bernie series. Spence, what about Nixon Panero, the auto mechanic who keeps those old beat-up Porsches on the road?

Spencer Quinn: And at some point in the past was busted by Chet and Bernie. First, I liked the contrast between prename and surname, two cultures coming uncomfortably together. I liked the sound, too – the blunt Anglo-Saxon Nixon with the melodic Latin-derived Panero.

Ms. P: You could have chosen many blunt Anglo-Saxon names. Why Nixon?

SQ: I believe it’s in A Fistful of Collars where Bernie guesses that Nixon was not exactly a wanted child.

Ms. P: Thanks, Spence! See you next month!


No Post Tomorrow


December 15th, 2011 Posted 6:05 am

Special traveling day. But for now, a blog exclusive – the very beginning of book 5 in the Chet and Bernie series:

“Heard you drove another one off a cliff,” said Nixon Panero. He spat a thin brown stream of chewing tobacco into an empty paint can, or maybe not that empty. Yellow paint, the yellow of egg yolks, now with a brown swirl in the middle: there’re all kinds of beauty in life.

“You heard wrong,” said Bernie.


Break in the Action


July 1st, 2009 Posted 7:14 am

“See this?” said Suzie. “They just had the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. Pabst here was the winner.” She held up the newspaper. 

I was just thinking that Pabst looked pretty good to me, kind of like Spike over at Nixon Panero’s Autobody, when Bernie said, “He reminds me of Churchill.” Uh-oh – Churchill again, and obviously still on the loose. Look out, buddy boy. We get them all eventually.

“And how about this?” Suzie went on. “From Eau Claire, Wisconsin. A golden retriever named Sunshine chewed up a kid’s passport and he missed a class trip to Peru.” Passport? I didn’t even know what that was, never mind how it would taste. But I sure was curious.

So, big shout-out to Pabst and Sunshine! Way to go, guys!


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