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Savannah Book Festival (And More)


February 18th, 2012 Posted 8:00 am

Admin is on the phone. “I hear Savannah’s a go-cup town, like New Orleans. I assume you’re taking advantage of that.”

I can hear Spence on the other end. It’s his voice for saying no.

“Well, maybe after your appearance this morning at 9:30, Telfair Square Tent. Are you going to sing Sundays in Savannah? You could pretend it was tomorrow.”

No sound from the other end.

Welcome back-up dude.


Savannah Book Festival (More)


February 17th, 2012 Posted 7:41 am

Admin is on the phone. “How’s Savannah?”

I can hear Spence on the other end, but can’t make out the words.

“You’ve got a talk at the Telfair Square Tent tomorrow at 9:30, right?” Admin says. “Remember that song by Nina Simone – Sundays in Savannah? I think you should sing it. That’s my only suggestion. Bye.”

Welcome Tyb (with Lego pal), Isis & Kali.


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