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August 12th, 2017 Posted 9:10 am

Spence: I know you read a lot about World War 2. What did you think of Dunkirk?

Admin: Great flying scenes. Good nautical scenes. Excellent performance by Mark Rylance. The words “German,” “Nazi,” or any of the epithets they were actually called by our men were never uttered or seen in the super-title script at the beginning. The word used was “enemy.” “Britain?” Check! “France?” Check! But just generic “enemy” for the Germans. Strange because the movie was all about specific, close-up detail. So: Why?


What’s In A Name?


August 15th, 2016 Posted 9:56 am

Mrs. Publicist: Fifteenth of the month, and therefore time for What’s In A Name, where Spence discusses a character name from the Chet and Bernie series. (These are available for purchase wherever books are sold, by the way – wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention that!) What’s it going to be, Spence?

Spencer Quinn: How about old man Heydrich, Chet and Bernie’s neighbor on other side – meaning not the Parsons.

Mrs. P: A lovely old couple.

SQ: Exactly the point! The name Heydrich is kind of topical right now – although it wasn’t when the series started.

Mrs. P: You’re referring to the movie Anthropoid?

SQ: I am. It’s about the assassination of the Richard Heydrich, who was one of the top two or three in the Nazi leadership at the time. So giving the character that name was a very broad brush kind of stroke. He was introduced in book one, DOG ON IT, but the payoff doesn’t come until book eight, SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY. (And, dear readers, there will be more C&B).

Mrs. P: Quickly leafing through here. Is this the payoff you mentioned, Bernie talking to Mr. Singh, the pawnbroker?

“He sells you Nazi uniforms?”

 “And the occasional battle ribbon and medal, as I mentioned.”

Bernie gazed over at Heydrich’s house. The buzzard on the roof – one of those red-headed buzzards with a bone-colored beak – turned in our direction. It loosed a squawky cry, rose heavily into the air, and flapped away.

SQ: Great leafing!

Mrs. P: Thanks, Spence! See you next month for another episode of What’s In A Name!


What’s In A Name?


July 19th, 2016 Posted 6:58 am

Mrs. Publicist: As promised, What’s In A Name, a little late, but here! What character name should we discuss, Spence?
SQ: I believe I saw a reader (from the reknowned Plunderer subset) question about Bernie’s Porsche, and the Porsche – actually 3 so far in the series – is a sort of character. The name was already in place, of course, but the big decision was to make the model not a brand new Carrera, but an old and dinged up relic.
Mrs. P: Because that tells us something about Bernie?
SQ: Either way it would, but brand new wouldn’t be him, even if he could afford it.
Mrs. P: And each one in the series is older and more dinged up than the last?
SQ: Exactly. Which opened the door for a mechanic in the stories – Nixon Panero.
Mrs. P: Who painted martini glasses on the body of the most recent one. Meaning C&B were sure to get pulled over. So that led to the role of the motorcycle cop, Fritzie Bortz?
SQ: You see how these things work! Should we go into Ferdinand Porsche’s Nazi past?
Mrs. P: Maybe not today. I’ll see you next month for more of What’s In A Name.


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