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Hipster Interruption (Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson)


June 4th, 2010 Posted 8:59 am

Albie Rose’s gate looked pretty high, but I’m a good leaper – and I love leaping over things like gates! What a feeling! Bernie put one foot on the lowest crosspiece bar. “How we’re doing this,” he said, “is I’ll climb over and then let you in from the other side.”

Sometimes I don’t understand a word Bernie’s saying.

He paused. “Don’t let me forget about Music For Dogs. Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed – who are they, again? – are putting on this concert in Australia, twenty minutes of high-frequency sounds audible only to the nation within the  nation. What I want to find out is if they plan to release it on CD, or if that’s even possible.”

What was he talking about? Your guess is as good as mine. I was just waiting till he turned his back so I could leap over the damn gate.


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