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Iditarod (Again)


March 12th, 2011 Posted 8:18 am

“Okay,” says Spence, “looks like some of them have finished the leg from Grayling to Eagle Island.”

“The names!” says Admin.

“And right now the leader is John Baxter, with Hugh Neff 16 minutes behind, and Lance Mackey 48 minutes back. But the point is I know who we’re rooting for.”

“Who’s that?”

“Justin Savidis of Snowhook Kennel, known as A.J. Currently in 37th place. Turns out the Snowhook people are fans of Chet.”

What’s this? Did I hear my name? I open an eye. Spence and Admin are at the table, laptops open, steam rising from their coffee cups.

“What’s the origin of this term musher?” Spence is saying.

“Probably a corruption of French,” says Admin. “The voyageurs must have called out: Marche, marche.”

“I thought maybe it came from the sound of the sled moving in the snow,” Spence says.

“Did you?”

Welcome Meashka, Dima, Sasha, all of Oley Howlers.


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