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Into the Mystic, Tennis Division


May 20th, 2023 Posted 7:44 am

Here’s an oddity (distantly reminiscent of Mrs. Plansky’s first appearance in Mrs. Planky’s Revenge – at which you can have a free sneak peek, see link): Yesterday for the first time in decades of playing tennis I hit a right-handed shot. (I’m a lefty.) I was running … well, moving toward the corner of the deuce court (my backhand) for a ball that was going to be plenty of trouble but all of a sudden the racket was in my right hand and I hit a deep lob for a clean winner. What? Is this the beginning of something? Will I wake up tomorrow and know how to play the piano?




Sneak Peek: Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge


May 19th, 2023 Posted 7:14 am

(and it’s free)


Goodreads Review


May 18th, 2023 Posted 9:21 am

Goodreads seems to have made a number of ARCs of Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge available. Here’s what reader Katherine said about it yesterday. (I think anyone who’s read it can post a review there.) The book is available for preorder and comes out July 25.

“Delightful! Loretta Plansky is an endearing character along the lines of Jane Marple or Emily Pollifax who finds herself embracing life as it comes at her even though, at times, she is completely unsure what she is doing or why. I hope this is the start of a series-I will definitely be looking for more!”


Eight Miles High


May 17th, 2023 Posted 9:37 am

On May 9 we posted a Romanian scene from Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge (coming July 25, preorderable) where the teenagers Dinu and Tassa are riding in the countryside on Dinu’s new motorcycle (acquired in an interesting way). The scene ends like this:
At first, Tassa’s hands felt awkward to him, but she changed the position a bit, maybe simply relaxing, and after that things felt right, like the three of them – Dinu, Tassa, 660Z – were one. She hummed to herself. “What’s that song?” Dinu said, raising his voice. “It’s American,” Tassa said, practically in his ear. “Eight Miles High.”
Reader Kathryn Blain Esgar asked: “I’m wondering why you chose that song, & whether it has any significance in that particular scene.”
Great question! The short answer is it popped into my mind and felt right. But looking back I can see that the song itself is all about that freedom that sometimes comes when you find yourself detached from regular life. So that’s a bit of magic. Then there’s the American part – America still having magic vibes in many places on earth. And throw in the natural high, eight miles worth. So that’s pretty much it. I’m always happy to take a swing, no matter how inartful, at any reader questions. (I left out the fact that America is coming to them – especially Dinu – in the form of Mrs. Plansky herself.)

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