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Careful, Chiquilla (and thanks, Ellen P.)


August 9th, 2009 Posted 2:24 pm

“Here’s something a little unusual,” Bernie says. It’s Sunday. How do I know? Elvis gospel! Bernie’s reading the paper. I’m watching a spider climbing the wall. “Huntington Beach – a woman put Chiquilla, her chihuahua, up in a treehouse with another dog while company came over. They were both on leashes. Somehow Chiquilla fell and accidentally hung herself. One of the guests, Krisna Torres, saved Chiquilla by doing a mouth-to-mouth rescue.” Bernie frowns. “‘The dog’s mouth was just horrible,’ she said.”

Huh? What was horrible about it? I lick my lips. My mouth feels just fine.

Tomorrow – back to whatever was promised before.


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