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We’re Back!


March 23rd, 2009 Posted 7:37 am

We’re back! What a case! It sounded simple to begin with – something about stolen tuna. Don’t care much for tuna myself – not really a seafood fan, as I may have mentioned – but I’ll eat it if I have to, or if nothing else is around, or if a tuna sandwich just seems to be sitting on the edge of a table. Stolen tuna – I thought we were after maybe a truckload of those cans, but no – we ended up with this huge fish sticking out the back of the Porsche. And the smells as the sun got hotter! Even Bernie picked them up. Plus shots were fired. No idea what was going on, but we made two grand, which is way better than one grand. A grand is a lot – you can tell from the sound. 

After we off-loaded the fish, we drove home under the light of a huge round moon. “Did you know the moon came out of the earth, Chet?” Bernie said. I didn’t even glance at him. The case must have tired him out. “Suppose that hadn’t happened, meaning no moon.” No moon? Whoa. “Say goodbye to all that poetry.” 

I wasn’t worried. Bernie just needed a good night’s sleep.


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