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Worrisome Message


May 26th, 2009 Posted 10:07 am

Memo to all departments:

Bernie Little of the Little Detective Agency and his dog Chet are overdue from a Memorial Day Weekend hike in the eastern desert and are now considered missing. 


Rick Torres, Sgt., Valley PD Missing Persons


Memories Are Made Of This


January 27th, 2009 Posted 2:20 pm

Does this ever happen to you: you know there’s something you’re supposed to be doing, but you can’t remember what? It’s happening to me right now! And whatever it is is so close, like a shadowy person just about to step under a street light, a sight I’ve seen more than once on stakeouts with Bernie. We run the Little Detective Agency, in case I haven’t mentioned that yet. Our specialty is missing persons cases but lots of times we’ve had to do divorce work, too, on account of our finances being a mess. Once Bernie invested in this company that was going to make Hawaiian pants. After that was all over, Bernie said, “Hawaiian shirts are big, so what the hell happened?” I didn’t know. The whole clothes thing is a little beyond me, although I admit I prefer when humans keep them on. 

Where was I?


The Books

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