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Orange Jumpsuit (Corrected)


January 24th, 2010 Posted 8:02 am

Sunday. How do I know? Because Elvis gospel is on the radio. Milky White Way is our favorite. “Does it matter that Elvis copied it note for note from the Trumpeteers?” Bernie says. Not to me.

He’s taking a break from working on the budget, whatever that is. “It should be simple, Chet. Money out can’t be greater than money in. Doesn’t Mr. Micawber say something about that?”

Mr. Micawber – that was new. Sounded like a perp to me, and if so he’ll soon be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Heads up, Mr. Micawber – we collar them all eventually, here at the Little Detective Agency.


Elvis and Latkes


December 13th, 2009 Posted 8:05 am

We’ve got lots of Christmas music. One of our favorites is Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love. She sings it just about every year on the Letterman Show. Wonder if that’s happening this year. Darlene Love’s had a long career, Bernie says, going way way back to early days with Phil Spector. Phil Spector: that name rings a bell. A perp of some sort?

Bob Dylan has a new Christmas record out, Bernie says. “Hard to ignore that!”

Today is Sunday – Elvis gospel on XM/Sirius is a dead giveaway. Hey! Dead Giveaway – is that a possible title? My favorite Elvis gospel song is Milky White Way. A long time ago – this is a story of Admin’s – way before youtube, hard to imagine – Admin spent a day trying to track down the original Milky White Way by the Trumpeteers, finally found it at Skippy White’s in Cambridge Mass. Is that still around?

Note to Wookie of Chevy Chase: never had latkes but now I want to. And thanks for the Chanukah wishes. One of Bernie’s mom’s husbands along the way celebrated Chanukah, but by the time it came around on the calendar they were divorced. You should meet the new guy!


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