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Conan and Purple Heart Controversy


November 4th, 2019 Posted 7:22 am


More on Melanie


October 9th, 2019 Posted 9:09 am

Lisa Eiser, human companion of Melanie, our Oct. Friend of the Month, has kindly sent in a little about Melanie – and in her own voice! (You, too could be an FOM. Check out the FB page for details.)

As pups go, I lead a pretty charmed life. I came to my parents by way of their son, before he went into the US Navy as a Nuclear Electrician. As a pup, I was quite the sprinter, so my mom decided that I needed to learn how to run alongside her bike while she rode. I had so much energy, she often didn’t pedal for almost a mile. Eventually I learned how to pace myself so walks were far more enjoyable. My breed is a Belgian Shepherd or Sheepdog called a Groenendael. They called me a “Throwback” because I am a bit more sturdy than breed standards, but my parents like that better. My mom “Gram Cracker” and my dad “Grumpy” are my entire world. We walk, pick berries, play stick, walk, guard my chickens, throw stick and enjoy campfires and did I mention walks? I love walking. My 2 cat friends have recently crossed the rainbow bridge and I do miss them terribly. I love my chickens and will defend them against any strangers, animal or human that tries to come into my yard.
My parents wanted to help dogs in the military, so after looking into programs, they began to volunteer with a group called Military Working Dog Team Support Association ( This group of humans take care of our military working dog teams serving all over the world! They send boxes 4 times a year to 200 deployed MWD Teams. I have been part of 3 of those packs. Did you know that some of Chet and Bernie’s adventures made it into some of those boxes in a pack in 2018? The sure did. We ( my parents and I ) will be hosting another pack in February 2020 in our home town of Bourbon Indiana. You can visit the MWDTSA website if you would like to help support us. We also have been on Kennel Visits to Military K-9 kennels at stateside bases. I have been to one, but my parents have been to 5 and are planning on 2 more later this year. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the photos of the kennels receiving goodies for their handlers and pups. We love to see the photos of our deployed MWD teams when they receive the boxes from home, too.
Im sure you are wondering about my nose. Some people have suggested it’s “Collie Nose” but our vet says not so much. Its because I like to scoop snow and I got a bit frost bit a few years ago. I’m ten years old but still pretty active. I have a crew I walk with. 3 Collies and often 2 mini dachshunds. We are known as “Mel and Collies, Baby”. I love to walk… have I mentioned that? Oh and sticks, I love sticks.
I am grateful the random back up generator chose me this month. Thanks Chet, Bernie and Spencer for making us all “Dog gone proud”.


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