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September 28th, 2010 Posted 8:18 am

We went down to Mexico, me and Bernie, and had some adventures. And other adventures not in Mexico. Some of it’s getting a little blurry – does that happen to you? – although not the Lola part. Anyway, it’s all in To Fetch A Thief. Peanut’s in there, too. No forgetting Peanut! Also we got shot at, me and Bernie. That always sticks in my mind.




September 10th, 2010 Posted 8:21 am

Lt. Stine got off the phone. “That was Vegas PD,” he said to Bernie. “They confirm you reported the Albie Rose homicide.”

Bernie nodded. He’s a great nodder, had all sorts of nods. This one meant … not sure what, but he wasn’t happy.

“But over the phone and kind of lacking in detail,” said Lt. Stine. “They want to talk to you.”

“Happy to talk to them,” Bernie said.

“Like now,” said Lt. Stine. “They suggested I detain you.”

Detain? Didn’t know that one, but for some reason I started thinking about this cage down in Mexico – is that in To Fetch A Thief? The next thing I knew I was pretty close to Lt. Stine.

“Hey!” he said. “Is Chet growling at me? What the hell? I thought we were friends, big guy.”

Me, too.


Sweet Dreams, Baby


April 12th, 2010 Posted 8:24 am

I had a dream. We were down in Mexico, me and Bernie. This was on the Peanut case, but the dream was all about Lola – those strange little watchful eyes of hers! – and this time nothing got thrown at me, and no one yelled, “Perro malo!” Whatever that happened to mean. It was great to be south of the border down Mexico way, even if it was just a dream.

I opened my eyes. Bernie was saying, “And then?”

Colonel Bob shrugged. The human shrug is interesting – I always watch for it. “I went to an ATM and withdrew my max – three hundred bucks – and gave it to him.”

“And that was the last time you saw Ray?”


Hey! Was this about Ray Jason, Bakersfield, all that? Had I missed something? I went over to Bernie. He scratched between my ears. That felt great. I didn’t have a worry in the world.


The Silver-Teethed Dude: Sneak Peek From To Fetch A Thief


February 28th, 2010 Posted 8:15 am

What reminded me of this was when I mentioned Zutty Yepremian yesterday, if I actually did. Zutty was nothing compared to the silver-teethed dude, a real pussycat. Whatever that might mean.

His eyes opened wide, although not very wide, because of how narrow they were to begin with. He recognized me, no doubt about that, and the sight of me ticked him off big-time. That had happened before with perps too numerous to mention, Zutty Yepremian, for example, or Sing Jong Soo, and didn’t bother me at all. But when he jabbed the pitchfork right at my head – that bothered me. I darted away from those sharp pointy ends, then came at him from the side, real quick, but he turned out to be real quick himself, getting the pitchfork between us and jabbing again. I dodged, tried to go underneath, take him out by the ankles, one of my best moves, but down came the pitchfork, blocking my path. And what was this? Holding the pitchfork in one hand, the silver-teethed dude reached into his pocket with the other and drew a gun.



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