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The Role of Chance …


August 22nd, 2017 Posted 8:34 am

… is big, says Admin.

Spence: What brings that up?

Admin: The eclipse. The sizes of the moon and sun and the various distances involved are exactly right for making this happen so perfectly, with the corona showing but nothing else.

Spence: You’re into astronomy?

Admin: My first intellectual interest.

Spence: Do you want to book a place on one of the Mars expeditions?

Admin: No. And as for the movie The Martian, remember all the sound when Matt Damon is out in the Martian landscape, building stuff, digging, driving around? How are you going to have sound in an atmosphere that thin? Or winds strong enough to knock over the space ship in the first place?

Spence: So you didn’t like the movie?

Admin: Loved it.


We’re Back!


September 4th, 2009 Posted 6:47 am

And what a great trip. We went camping in the desert. A full moon at night: Bernie sang this old song he’s fallen in love with – Lonesome 77203. Made no sense to me but I did my woo-woo thing. Then he pointed out this dot in the sky. Mars, he said, and maybe we should go there. If that’s what he wants, okay. I’ve been in a plane, maybe you don’t know that. I think it’s in Thereby Hangs A Tail. Bernie said the problem with going to Mars is coming back and anyone who goes will probably have to stay there, something about fuel. I’m not so sure about staying there. I kind of like it here.

Tomorrow: back to the Greed case. Bernie says maybe we should have a quiz about it.


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