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Many Thanks To Rebecca


March 15th, 2015 Posted 8:17 am

CEO of Snowhook. Here’s her overnight report on Snowhook and the Iditarod. (Manley Hot Springs sounds like a good winter stop-off place.)

At the time of drafting this report, Team Snowhook is on their way from Huslia to Koyukuk. From there they will meet the traditional Iditarod trail.

When it was announced that the restart was to move from Willow to Fairbanks, it was no surprise. However, I was asked several times about the inconvenience of starting in Fairbanks rather than across the street from our property. Inconvenience? Maybe, but I find harm coming our dogs or AJ much more of an inconvenience. With that in mind, we approached the new trail as an adventure. As we made our way to Fairbanks it felt a lot like being a rookie team again. There were a lot of unknowns.

What is not unknown is the welcome that mushers receive on the trail. The villages that serve as a checkpoint often rally around the race. Huslia was a new checkpoint in the new race route this year, as was Nenana, Manley Hot Springs and Tanana. As the team has traveled through Athabascan country, they left the river to run overland to Huslia and from Huslia to Koyukuk. Upon arriving in Koyukuk, they will run many mores of river travel and trail known to the team and familiar to the Plunderers.

While river travel may seem boring, there is also a comfort that comes with familiarity. It is easier to plan a run and rest schedule, and the layout of known checkpoints offers an ease of navigation.

With Team Snowhook’s mandatory twenty-four and eight hour layovers behind them, we will watch the team travel along familiar trail.



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