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Ain’t Over Till It’s Over


October 23rd, 2009 Posted 8:02 am

Freddie Dancer got taken away in a cruiser. Lt. Stine found a warrant for Trimmer – he’d shoplifted some hair-growth products – and they took him away, too. Kelo and Portia went off arguing with each other.

We kept the Martin Ramirez painting, the strange one with tunnels and trains. “I like this painting,” Bernie said; I did, too. “But we’re going to sell it, take a fee for our time, and give the rest to an animal shelter.” Our finances are a mess; have I mentioned that already?

So – that was that, except one day soon after we got a call. “Hi,” said a woman, her voice coming over the speaker, “I’m the great grandaughter of Addie Kline.”

“Who’s she?” said Bernie.

“She was the twin sister of Betty Kline. Betty was a Hollywood script girl back in the silent movie days.”

“Well, well, well,” said Bernie.

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Long Arm of the Law


October 22nd, 2009 Posted 8:19 am

Got it! I was going to tell you what happened next. Iggy and I lit out across the canyon, headed for that shiny thing, a shiny thing twinkling in the sun. I got there first. Then came some pushing and shoving between me and Iggy, and he went tumbling a bit. I stood by the shiny thing, saw what it was: a CD. We had lots in the car, including The Best of Billie Holiday and The Steeldrivers.

After a while Bernie and Lt. Stine came up, huffing and puffing.

“Did they find the film?” said Lt. Stine.

“Doesn’t look like it,” Bernie said.

“But is that a clue?”

Bernie picked up the CD and shook his head. “It’s disc one of Hank Williams – The Unreleased Recordings. Supposed to be great, but it’s got nothing to do with anything.”

“Where’s that stupid film?” said Lt. Stine.

Bernie gazed at the sky. “We’re going to have to let them go.”

“Not Freddie Dancer,” Lt. Stine. “He’s got a list of warrants as long as your arm.”

I looked at Bernie’s arms. Strong arms, and pretty long since he was a big guy. Freddie was in trouble.


Dig This


October 19th, 2009 Posted 8:02 am

Uniformed cops came with shovels and dug around the cactus where Iggy had lifted his leg. Iggy had been trapped in his house so long I’d forgotteen how much fun he was. I went over and gave him a nip. He rolled right over, all his paws in the air. That Iggy!

The cops turned up some rocks and a rusty old spoon. That rusty old spoon looked interesting and I wanted it, but one of the cops stuck it in an evidence bag.

“Nothing just vanishes into thin air,” Lt. Stine said. He looked down at me and Iggy. “What did you dogs do with that film?”

Iggy stopped pawing the air. I wagged my tail.


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Donut Heaven


July 10th, 2009 Posted 8:30 am

I almost gave back the Frisbee again, and then maybe again after that, and possibly once more. And then I actually gave it back.

“What a fun dog,” said one of the college kids.

Love college kids!

After that we went to Donut Heaven. Love Donut Heaven, too! Life is good, just one thing after another. Lt. Stine was waiting in his cruiser. Has Lt. Stine come up yet? He’s with the Valley PD, and is maybe how come me and Bernie got together in the first place, although exactly how is kind of hazy. That might be in Thereby Hangs A Tail; Lt. Stine’s in it for sure.

We parked cop style, driver’s side door to driver’s side door. “Hey, Chet,” said Lt. Stine, holding up a paper bag, “guess what’s in here.”

That was easy – crullers.

“Big guy,” said Bernie, “a little space, please.”


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