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RIP: Charlie Louvin


January 27th, 2011 Posted 8:39 am

“Oh, this is too bad,” Spence says. “Charlie Louvin died.”

“They were the best,” says Admin.

“Charlie and Ira? As a brother harmony duo?”

“Exactly. When did Ira die?”

“1965. He was the crazy one, Charlie was the sweet one.”

“Something eerie about them when they were at their best. You think it’s that crazy-sweet combo?”

“Maybe. Might make a good movie – touring with Elvis, the music business breaking Ira’s heart, Charlie surviving so long, getting more and more respect as the years went by.”

“What’s your favorite number of theirs?”

“‘When I Stop Dreaming.’ Yours?”

“‘Great Atomic Power.'”

“Here’s to Charlie.”



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