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May 20th, 2009 Posted 8:09 am

I looked inside the warehouse and saw a huge empty space, dim light coming through some little windows high up. Dust swirled in the beams of light, something I normally like watching, but this wasn’t the time. There was no sign of the two dudes, Lonnie with the tattoo and the other one. I could smell them, of course, no problem – human male smell, no recent showers. That’s a smell we get a lot in the perp-chasing business.

We went inside. I followed the perp smell. Bernie followed me. We were real quiet, Bernie in his sneakers, me on my paws. Have I ever mentioned much about my paws? They’re nice and big and padded, real good for making no noise. At the same time, they’re also good for digging in and getting traction, take that morning not long ago on the 18th green at the North Valley Golf and Country Club, a story for another time. 

I stopped beside an iron ring bolted to the floor. The perp smell was very strong. Bernie gave me a little pat.


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