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Poolside (2)


June 18th, 2010 Posted 8:58 am

Ray looked up. When humans are confused they get this expression on their faces, and Ray had it now. Here in the nation within the nation, as Bernie calls it, we’re not quite so easy to read when it comes to confusion. Only my opinion. But our faces, yours and mine, are different. You’ve noticed that, right? Noticing is important in our work – we’re partners in the Little Detective Agency, me and Bernie. Bernie says you can look us up in certain books. Their pictures are down below.

But forget all that. Right now we were on the job – a paying job, and the client was Colonel Bob, father of Ray, the young guy sitting so confused by the pool. What were those things around him? Red-splotched towels? A reddish color, I was pretty sure, although I can’t be trusted when it comes to colors, Bernie says. But the smell: he trusts me on that. And the smell of blood: well, that’s an easy one.

“Ray?” Bernie said. “You’re not dropping the gun.”

Ray glanced down at the gun in his hand, like he was surprised to see it there.




May 20th, 2010 Posted 8:47 am

“What else do I know about you?” Foster said. “You turned down a job offer from Albie, for one thing. I thought that was pretty cool.”

Why? Who would want to work for Albie Rose? He wore a tiny bathing suit and smelled like old cheese. We work for ourselves, me and Bernie, and what could be better than that? In case there are any newcomers out there, we’re partners in the Little Detective Agency, me and Bernie. Missing persons are our specialty, and that was what we were doing now, looking for Astrid Jason, and maybe Ray Jason, too, who was Colonel Bob’s son, and Colonel Bob is one of our favorites when it comes to humans. When it comes to the nation within the nation, as Bernie calls it, I guess you’d have to put Iggy first. Iggy’s a funny little dude. Once, in the old days, when Iggy still got out, we were just about to catch this lizard when a huge bird swooped down and snatched it up. Wow! The fun we used to have. I miss playing with Iggy.

“And what did Albie think of it?” Bernie said. Or something like that. Maybe I hadn’t been listening, but that was partly because I’d just picked up a scent, very faint, but one of those scents that was real important in my job.

“Of you turning him down?” Foster said. “He was pissed, actually. It was a first, and Albie doesn’t like firsts. But enough chit-chat. Did you bring the money?”


Nice Going, Sadie The Scottie


February 17th, 2010 Posted 8:53 am

Sadie wins Westminster! Way to go, and congratulations to all the competitors, of whom I missed some, maybe a lot, on account of falling asleep. We’ve been pretty busy lately, me and Bernie. But he says that Sadie and her handler Gabriel Rangel like to watch Animal Planet together, and so do we! Although all that watching didn’t prepare me for some of the things that happened in book 3.

Some question came up down in the bottom part about Leda and the Little Detective Agency? Here’s a bit from the beginning of Dog On It:

The door opened and in, with a little stumble, came Bernie Little, founder and part owner (his ex-wife, Leda, walked off with the rest) of the Little Detective Agency. I’d seen him look worse, but not often.


Orange Jumpsuit (Corrected)


January 24th, 2010 Posted 8:02 am

Sunday. How do I know? Because Elvis gospel is on the radio. Milky White Way is our favorite. “Does it matter that Elvis copied it note for note from the Trumpeteers?” Bernie says. Not to me.

He’s taking a break from working on the budget, whatever that is. “It should be simple, Chet. Money out can’t be greater than money in. Doesn’t Mr. Micawber say something about that?”

Mr. Micawber – that was new. Sounded like a perp to me, and if so he’ll soon be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Heads up, Mr. Micawber – we collar them all eventually, here at the Little Detective Agency.


The Books

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