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Snowhook and the Little Detective Agency Litter


May 13th, 2013 Posted 8:25 am

Here are two of the litter mates named after characters in the Chet and Bernie mysteries – thanks for the photos to Rebecca, CEO of Snowhook Kennel.

Iggy on top, then Little.


Welcome Jack (he’s pretty special).


Wonderful News From Snowhook!


May 11th, 2013 Posted 8:06 am

“For people new to this blog, Snowhook’s the racing kennel we’re very attached to up in Willow, Alaska,” Spence says. “Rebecca and AJ are  the wonderfully humane couple who run it.”

“Maybe one day we’ll even get up there,” Admin says. “But for now here’s an email from Rebecca. Could it make us any happier?”

“Only if we had pictures of these pups.”

“But no pressure, Rebecca!”

As Chief Naming Officer of the kennel, it isn’t just about picking a theme of names, and the right name for the right dog.  It is also about the right time.  Such a time presented itself during chores on Friday evening when AJ said, “We need to pick out names for the pups.”  I’ve been waiting for the right moment to have this conversation with AJ.  We entered the pen that houses the four pups who were born in February.  
AJ sat on a low stoop and the first of four climbed on his lap.  “That’s Chet,” I informed him.  Soon AJ was covered in mud, fur, wagging tails and pink tongues as I introduced the other two boys—Bernie and Iggy.  The boys slid into their names with ease.  I’ve tried on many different names on the tiny girl, smaller than the rest of the litter.  Nothing seemed to fit.  Tonight it came to me—Little!  
As we walked to the house after chores, I asked AJ if he knew the pups had already been named.  He responded with a smile in his voice if not on his face, “I suspected it for a long time.” 
It’s official.  Snowhook now has a Little Detective Agency Litter with Chet, Bernie, Iggy and Little. 

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