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Santa Fe


January 25th, 2011 Posted 8:23 am

“So,” says Admin, “going to Santa Fe for the Left Coast Crime convention?”

“Apparently the hotel is full,” Spence says.

“And there’s just the one hotel in Santa Fe?”

“The fun of these things is all the readers and writers crammed together in one place.”

“Sounds swell,” Admin says.

Uh-oh. They’re glaring at each other again. Also this is one of those strange days when they’re looking very different from each other. There must be better human jobs than theirs – private eye work, for one! What could possibly beat bringing perps to justice? The expression on their faces when they realize they’re going down: we always get a kick out of that, me and Bernie.

“Wookie posted an interesting comment about Santa Fe yesterday,” Spence says. “Actually made me want to go there, even if it’s not what it used to be.”

“Who’s stopping you?” says Admin.

Spence doesn’t answer. He’s back to tapping away on the computer. Humans: sometimes I think they drew the short straw,whatever that means. And no offense.




January 24th, 2011 Posted 8:07 am

“Here’s something interesting from the inbox,” says Admin. “‘We are pleased to inform you that To Fetch a Thief has been nominated for the Left  Coast Crime 2011 Watson Award, for the mystery with the best sidekick. The awards will be voted on at the convention and presented at a banquet on Saturday, March 26th, 2011, at the historic La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.'”

What’s this? Sidekick? I hope Bernie won’t be too upset: I’ve always considered him a full partner in the Little Detective Agency.


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