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First Mention Of Leda And The Swan: From Dog On It


August 24th, 2012 Posted 7:29 am

I strolled out onto the back patio with my tail high and stiff and had a cooling drink from the little fountain Leda had put in. Water flowed from the mouth of a stone swan. I’d never seen a real swan and was wondering how catchable they might be when I heard Iggy’s bark. Iggy had a high-pitched bark, an irritated-sounding yip-yip-yip. I barked back. There was a brief silence and then he barked again. I barked back. He barked. I barked. He barked. I barked. He barked. We got a good rhythm going, faster and faster. I barked. He barked. I –

A woman cried, “Iggy, for God’s sake, what the hell’s wrong with you?” A door slammed. Iggy was silent. I barked anyway. And what was that? From somewhere far in the distance, came an answering bark, a bark I’d never heard before. It sounded female, although I couldn’t be sure. A silence. And then – yes: she barked. A bark that sent a message, a she-message of the most exciting kind. I barked back. She barked. I barked. She barked. And then: yip yip yip. Iggy was back. He barked. She barked. I barked. He barked. She –

“Chet. What’s all the racket? Let’s get going.”

Bernie had the gate open. I tore past him and hopped into the Porsche, riding shotgun.

– from Dog On It (Pennie’s August Pick at Costco)

Welcome bored-with-TV dude, Cheyenne from NC, Slider (on duty)


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Happy Thanksgiving


November 25th, 2010 Posted 8:18 am

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Plunderers, all readers of this blog, and everyone who has been reading the stories about me and Bernie. Also to anyone who cares about the nation within the nation.

Right now we’re up and doing, Bernie, me, Suzie. We’ve all got our individual jobs. Mine is security. A squirrel invaded the yard but I handled that and now everything’s quiet. Soon Rick Torres is coming, bringing some kids from a homeless shelter, and we’ll be playing football. Touch football, which means no tackling. I had a hard time remembering that last year, but I know I’ll do much better today.

The only bad thing is we don’t have Charlie this year. He, Leda, and Malcolm are headed down to Cabo. Except, whoa, what’s this I see out the window? Leda driving up? With Charlie beside her? And no Malcolm?  So therefore? I don’t know. Bernie handles the so therefores. That’s part of the reason for the success of the Little Detective Agency.

Cheers, everybody!

Please note: Mike Baker will be running some tests on the blog over the holiday.


Line/No Line


August 28th, 2010 Posted 8:47 am

We walked around the house, me and Bernie. He had the .38 Special tucked in his belt. Bernie’s a crack shot, if I haven’t mentioned that already. Once we went into the desert and he tossed nickels in the air and then shot them to bits. Was that fun or what? And we needed some fun, because that was the day Leda left. That meant Charlie left, too. Charlie’s Bernie’s kid, and we don’t see him enough. A great kid, and really smart. What doesn’t he know about elephants, for example? Which turned out to be important in To Fetch A Thief.

“Nothing’s exactly open,” Bernie said, “so what we’re doing is over the line, no doubt about it.” Line? What was he talking about? Bernie kicked in the back door. Smash! I love that sound. I looked inside the abandoned house, still didn’t see any line.


Guys Like Us


March 19th, 2010 Posted 9:24 am

“Ever make a mistake that came back to bite you?” Colonel Bob said.

We were in the patio bar at the Dry Gulch Saloon and Steak House, one of our favorite spots. They have a waitress named Deena who knows about my thing for steak tips. She likes Bernie a lot – that’s the kind of thing I can just sniff out – but I don’t think he knows. And that would be way too complicated! There’s Suzie, right? And the whole new Leda situation – is that in To Fetch A Thief?

“Next question,” said Bernie.

Meaning what? The answer had to be no. Bernie had never been bitten, not that I could remember. We’ve had some close calls, of course. I thought right away of that night near the huge saguaro on the border. That’s in To Fetch A Thief, for sure.

Meanwhile Colonel Bob was laughing. “What is it about guys like us?” he said.

Bernie sipped his bourbon. “Born too late,” he said.

Colonel Bob stopped laughing.


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