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Most Recent Thanksgiving Reference in the Chet And Bernie Series


November 25th, 2012 Posted 8:24 am

“Hello and goodbye,” said Ramon.

He was leaving? I had just enough time to think: good news. And then Ramon had a knife in his hand. There are all sorts of knives – for butter, for steak, for carving the turkey on Thanksgiving. This particular kind of knife – all steel, thin and flat, with a round hole at the top of the grip – was a kind I’d seen before – and seen in action – on a visit to Otis DeWayne, our weapons expert. What Ramon had in his hand was a throwing knife, which he now drew back behind his ear with the same soft easy grip Otis had used before letting it go and popping a pink balloon hanging from a branch in his yard. Pop went the balloon, shriveling down to nothing, and the knife sank deep and quivering into the tree. Those liquidy dark eyes locked on Bernie. Shriveling down to nothing? No!

– from A Fistful of Collars.

Welcome Becket, Odin & Mr. Claus, eager pup.


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