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Back to Our Younger Self


June 13th, 2019 Posted 6:33 am

HEART OF BARKNESS comes out July 2. We’ll be going on tour – dates and venues will be posted soon. Meanwhile, back at the writing ranch, we’ve also been working on the Queenie and Arthur middle-grade series. Book 1, RUFF VS. FLUFF, came out a couple of months ago, and #2, PAWS VS. CLAWS, comes out Sept. 17. Here’s what Kirkus Reviews has to say about it:

“Arthur and Queenie take the stage as dog and cat co-narrators of this funny, deftly plotted mystery. Arthur is a delightfully foggy dog with a big doggie heart—not keen on exercise but very keen on food. For her part, Queenie is the epitome of cat aloofness and self-love . . . The stakes ramp up considerably in this suspenseful and satisfyingly nuanced story. Arthur’s and Queenie’s hilarious personalities as they narrate in alternating chapters give the whole tale a refreshing spin. . . . Fabulous fun.”




February 3rd, 2015 Posted 8:33 am

Here’s what Kirkus Reviews has to say:

In a Louisiana bayou town, a girl and her dog set out to solve a mystery, battling bad guys and big gators along the way.This original whodunit is narrated by an exuberant dog named Bowser, who has just been adopted by 11-year-old Birdie Gaux. Birdie and her grandmother are shocked to discover that a prized stuffed fish, Black Jack, has just been stolen from the family’s fish-and-bait store. How could a stuffed fish be worth stealing? Maybe if there’s a treasure map hidden inside. Birdie and Bowser begin to investigate in earnest, their sleuthing involving everything from breaking into rival establishment Straker’s World Famous Fishing Emporium, gathering clues at the library and the local assisted living facility, and traipsing through the bayou at night in search of the treasure that Birdie’s grandfather supposedly hid there so many years ago. Although it’s Birdie and Bowser who keep the plot zipping along, the unlikely detectives are surrounded by memorable characters both good and bad. And despite the villains, silliness and humor are paramount here, thanks to Bowser’s playful narration. Utterly charmed by a spunky girl and her charismatic canine, mystery fans will find themselves looking forward to a return to the little bayou town of St. Roch. (Mystery. 8-12)

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Spoiler Alert!


August 9th, 2011 Posted 8:52 am

“Should we post the Kirkus Review of The Dog Who Knew Too Much?” says Spence.

“Hmm,” says Admin. “A nice review but it gives away a lot of plot. How about if we post it but tell everyone not to read it?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

The review:

Backcountry hiking turns out to be no walk in the park for the indomitable Chet and his human partner Bernie.

Because he’s chronically short of cash, there aren’t too many gigs Bernie Little (To Fetch a Thief, 2010, etc.) won’t take a shot at. But giving the keynote at the Great Western Private Eye Convention turns out to be a bad deal, since the offer is only a pretext for its president, Georgie Malhouf, to make a bid for Chet. No sale, says Bernie. Instead, he takes what looks like a real stinker of a case: pretending to be Anya Vereen’s new guy so that her old guy, Guy Wenders, won’t make a play for reconciliation during Parents Weekend at Big Bear Wilderness Camp. Chet loves this trip; after all, the mountains are filled with wonderful, strange smells. Bernie, not so much, especially after he learns that Anya’s son Devin went missing on his cabin’s overnight. When Bernie takes Chet and wilderness guide Turk Rendell back where the boy was last seen, Chet follows Devin’s scent into an abandoned mine, raising the searchers’ hopes. But then Turk gets killed, and Bernie runs afoul of Big Bear’s so-called law-enforcement community, most of whom share the name Laidlaw. Once Bernie gets arrested for Turk’s murder, Chet is on his own. Chet knows plenty, but how can he share his wisdom with reporter Suzie Sanchez, who’s almost as smart as Bernie, not to mention smelling almost as good and being a really great patter?

Human cunning and canine smarts triumph once again.

Welcome Allie and Brodie.


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