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Bullies and Us


December 19th, 2014 Posted 7:51 am

Bernie says maybe we’ll go to North Korea for our next case. “Bullies feed on fear,” he says. I prefer kibble as my regular meal.

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No Post Today


March 7th, 2011 Posted 6:09 am

How come? Something about a road trip, a meeting, a book about Robbie, whoever that may be. Admin and Spence were talking about it, but at the same time a brand new kind of kibble appeared in my bowl. My inside-the-house bowl is the one I mean. I also have an outside-the-house bowl for when I’m in a picnicking mood, but the problem is the birds who seem to often be in a picnicking mood, too.

Welcome Summer, Autumn, Carib dude, beautiful golden (who may be Carib dude from another angle); party aficionado: please try again.


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January 23rd, 2009 Posted 3:33 pm

This was supposed to be about Marley and Me but a day has passed, maybe two, or some number even beyond that where I don’t go, so the details are kind of hazy and instead this will be about kibble, since I just had a bowl. Very nice kibble, lamb-flavored, I believe – once I chased a herd of sheep, wow, what a day, and perhaps a story for another time – and I’m not complaining, but here in the nation within the nation, some of us (not me) tend to get kibble morning, noon and night. ┬áThe looks on those sheep’s faces! Where was I? Kibble? The point is would you want to eat the exact same thing over and over? No – and humans don’t. One of the great things about humans is all the different foods they’ve got, and so much! So why not share a bit with my guys?Personally, I like bacon the best, plus steak with A.1. sauce, but burgers are pretty good, too. Feel free to send me a burger at any time.


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