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May 2nd, 2021 Posted 8:21 am

On Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™, but on this Sunday horses are on our mind, on account of yesterday’s Kentucky Derby. A horse named Mingo plays a role in Heart of Barkness (a Mother’s Day digital deal, $2.99!), perhaps larger and less tractable than the speedy Medina Spirit, the Derby winner.

There was a long pause in which nothing happened except for Mingo rolling his crazy eyes. Then without a word, the wrangler handed Bernie the bridle. He took it in one hand, sort of wrapped his other arm around the Mingo’s head, made a soft grunt I’d never heard from him before, and the next thing I knew he had the bridle in place and that metal bar – never between my teeth, amigo, no matter who was doing it – in Mingo’s mouth. After that came the saddle pad – which Bernie let Mingo sniff at, why I didn’t know, since it reeked of horse and nothing but, of no interest to anybody – and then the saddle. In a flash Bernie got the under strap thing all tied up, muttering, “Seven, four, one,” as he did so, a complete puzzlement to me, and in one easy motion he swung himself up top. For a moment Mingo went out of his mind. It happened just like that. I could feel it, and also feel his tremendous strength. He was going to rear up and toss Bernie to the ground. And that rearing up actually started, but it turned immediately into a sort of circling trot that ended with Mingo snorting and coming to a halt. Bernie patted Mingo’s neck, not for a long time you might say, and maybe not putting a whole lot of feeling into it, but still: this day was off to a terrible start.


And They’re Off!


May 5th, 2018 Posted 9:10 am

Here’s Combatant, our assigned horse in the Derby at 50-1. Unimaginable wealth if we win the pool! (But think of something very small.) Go Combatant!


Wittgenstein and My Old Kentucky Home


May 6th, 2012 Posted 9:15 am

“Ludwig Wittgenstein came up at the Kentucky Derby?” Spence says.

“Most certainly,” says Admin. “Bob Costas asked the winning owner, J. Paul Reddam, for his thoughts, specifically as a former philosophy professor at USC. And Reddam instantly gave this summary of Wittgenstein and how it applied to him – ‘After all the philosophical problems have been solved, nothing will have been accomplished, so we decided to get into horse racing.'”

“Congratulations to I’ll Have Another -a very exciting finish.”


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