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Keith Richards


October 28th, 2010 Posted 9:37 am

“Whatcha reading?” says Spence.

“Life,” says Admin. “The new Keith Richards autobiography.”

“How is it?”

“Way better than I expected. And the parts where he talks – and the whole thing does have a conversational tone – about music are really terrific. The story of him, Brian Jones and Mick Jagger living in a squalid apartment in Chelsea and listening to records of Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and all those guys 24/7, taking it all apart and putting it back together, living on practically nothing but a love for music, is mesmerizing.”

“And the not so good parts?”

“That would be all the stuff about drugs. It’s tedious. And the beginning – this not very credible or creditable scene of a drug bust in Arkansas in the ’70’s – is really misconceived. Where was the editor? If you’re going to read it, skip right to chapter two, Keith’s boyhood in a crummy town near London.”

“I always liked that song You Got The Silver – Keith sings that?”

“Yeah. It’s amazing how … soul, no other word for it, can overcome the lack of a great voice when it comes to singing.”

“Don’t  you try.”

Admin laughs. Spence laughs, too. Hey! They’re getting along.


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