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November 23rd, 2009 Posted 8:02 am

Thanks to Debbie LM for her explanation about Hoyas, Chet Berne (yes, that’s his name, one of the greatest human names ever) for the list of dog mascots, and Carrie for raising the question of whether any of these dog mascots actually on the sideline are female and if not why not? Can anyone help on this?

Speaking of team names, Bernie played baseball for Army, which I know I must have mentioned, and they’re called the Black Knights. Admin went to a college where the teams are called the Ephs (“eeefs”, he points out, not “effs.”) Spence was privately educated, whatever that means, and of course I went to K-9 school, flunking out on the very last day. If we had a nickname I never heard it. The good thing about flunking out of K-9 school, where it just so happened I was the best leaper, is that that’s how I met Bernie. Everything’s been great since, so you never know.

Anybody else got some interesting team names? This is Thanksgiving week. I’m a little bit beside myself already!


Starting Over


February 4th, 2009 Posted 4:08 pm

Sometimes I like to start over at the very beginning. Does that ever happen to you? My very beginning wasn’t too good. Somehow I found myself in a crack house with gangbangers. But then they got busted and I ended up in K-9 school. Loved K-9 school and I was doing so well. Then, on the very last day, something went wrong – my memories of this pretty hazy, although there was big excitement for sure – and I ended up flunking out. That was bad. But the good thing was that was the day I met Bernie. Meeting Bernie is the best thing that ever happened to me. Closing cases comes second. I don’t count after that, two being plenty.


The Books

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