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ARF: Sneak Peek 2


April 22nd, 2016 Posted 7:42 am

“Hey, Junior,” Birdie said, as we walked onto the bridge.

“Hey,” said Junior Tebbets, jiggling his bamboo pole.

“You fish without a reel?” Birdie said.

“Why not?”

“Catching anything?”


“What’re you fishing for?”


“What bait?”

Junior peered over the railing. His line hung straight down, disappeared into the water. “Mouse.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Dead mouse,” Junior said.

“You’re using a dead mouse for bait?”

“Like, wouldn’t it be kind of cruel to hook ‘em live?” Junior said. “Found this one under the truck when my dad drove away.”

“Under the food truck?” Birdie said.

“Scooped it right up. Everyone knows catfish go for stinky things.”

“Then everyone knows wrong,” Birdie said. “Shiners is what they like.”

“Shiners?” Junior jiggled the pole. That made tiny waves down in the bayou, but no fish appeared.

– coming Tuesday!



Birdie Sings!


April 11th, 2016 Posted 8:46 am

From ARF, coming April 26:

Junior lowered his voice. “Birdie?”


“Can you sing?”


“Like, you know.” Then from out of Junior’s mouth came a strange kind of yowl. “Down by the river, I shot my baby.”

“You call that singing?”

“I’m not a singer. I’m a drummer.” With his open hands, Junior did some fast pounding on the side of the food truck.

“Knock it off,” yelled Wally from inside.

“But I need a singer,” Junior said. “I’m starting a band – Junior Tidbit and his All-Stars.”

“Junior Tidbit?”

“Cool, huh?”


“We can always change it,” Junior said. “But I gotta have a singer. Sing.”

“Like what?”

“Try that one I just did – Down By the River.”

“This is stupid, Junior.”

Junior got down on one knee. I considered bowling him over, held back for the moment.

“For God’s sake,” Birdie said. Then she took a breath and started to sing. “Down by the river, I shot my baby.”

Silence fell all around us. Had I ever heard anything so beautiful? Yes, every time Birdie sang in the shower. But it seemed to be new to everyone else: they were all staring at Birdie, their eyebrows raised way up.

“You got the job,” Junior said.

“No, thanks,” said Birdie.




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