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Snowhook Update


January 26th, 2013 Posted 8:09 am

“Maybe we should tell newcomers about Snowhook,” Spence says.

“Don’t let me stop you,” says Admin, possibly a little grumpy today on account of something about the coffee machine.

“Snowhook is a wonderful kennel up in Willow Alaska, run by Rebecca and her husband Justin, the musher,” Spence says. “They compete in the Iditarod and other races and have become friends with this blog and a big sub-group of its community called the Plunderers. The dogs of Snowhook are beautiful and are cared for in a loving way and we try to give them some support. A race is underway at this very moment, and here’s an update from Rebecca:”

After the cancellation of two races earlier this season, Snowhook was able to secure a spot in the Northern Lights 300. By luck of the draw, Snowhook was the second to last team to leave the starting line on Friday morning, yet with a very special dog on the line.  Junior (a.k.a. Rio) named after this here blog’s resident evil pug, harnessed up along with his fellows for his first every race. I’ve attached two photos, both of Rio Jr. playing it cool—he must get his nerves of steel and good looks from his pug side of the family. 
“This means they’re racing right now?” Admin says.
“Seem to be,” says Spence. “We’ll try to have more news tomorrow. Here’s Junior, a.k.a. Rio.”
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