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R.I.P.: Joe Frazier


November 9th, 2011 Posted 8:31 am

From The Dog Who Knew Too Much:

Bernie can move fast for real short distances, and from behind the bushes to the side of that black-and-white was a real short distance. Zoom. He sprang around the bushes and rushed the car. The sheriff heard him coming and turned; turned just at the same time Bernie was throwing a tremendous punch through the open window, meaning Sheriff Laidlaw was turning his chin right into the blow. Which proved the sheriff was no boxer, on account of boxers knew never to do that, in fact, to roll with the punch, as I’d learned during that period after Leda left when we’d watched lots of fight videos – the Thrilla in Manila! Shut up!

One punch. Bernie clobbered him. The sound was thrilling. Sheriff Laidlaw slumped right over, eyelids fluttering down. Bernie opened the door, fast but quiet, yanked the sheriff out of the car and dragged him behind the bushes. Did I get in a nip or two along the way? Possibly.


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