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You Might Feel A Little Pinch


March 9th, 2010 Posted 10:49 am

We went to the dentist today. Does Bernie hate that or what? The dentist’s name is Dr. Lu, and she takes nothing from nobody. Human teeth – what’s the story? So small! Bernie’s are nice, though, white and even. But it turned out one was a bit loose. That was probably something to do with Jocko, although Jocko got the worst of it and don’t you forget it. Has Jocko come up yet? Or is he in To Fetch A Thief? There’s a lot to remember in life. And more and more all the time! Hey! I’m getting that feeling where I’m real close to having a big thought.

But now it’s going away. Does that ever happen to you?


Is This A Democracy?


February 4th, 2010 Posted 8:30 am

Spence and Admin are kind of scrapping today. I don’t mean throwing down. You wouldn’t want to see that – they’re not big guys like me and Bernie, and probably wouldn’t do that well up against, say, Jocko Cochrane. Oops, maybe shouldn’t be mentioning old Jocko. Which maybe brings us to this scrapping between Spence and Admin. It’s all about some biopsy, whatever that is. Spence says lots of readers are worried about the biopsy so why not post some scene from book 3 that clears everything up. Admin says, “Is this suspense or not? In suspense there’s supposed to be suspense, which means no peeking.”

Bernie gets tired of the scrapping and says, “Why not ask the readers? See what they want – post or no post.”

All right, I’m asking.



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