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Malice Toward None


December 15th, 2009 Posted 9:05 am

“Speaking of Lincoln,” Bernie says, “he had a mustard-colored dog named Fido. A real ol’yaller who followed him around Springfield. And one of the first dogs ever photographed. But he left Fido with a neighbor when the Lincolns went to Washington, something about Fido being frightened by all the cannon fire and bell ringing that was going to happen on the trip.”

Cannon fire? Bell ringing? Sounds good to me.

“When they brought Lincoln back to Springfield, Fido was still alive. He went back to his original home that day and spent time with the mourners. There was also a White House dog named Jip who often ate lunch with Lincoln, sometimes on his lap so he’d be in a good spot for treats.”

I thought about that. I’m too big to sit on Bernie’s lap, no doubt about that. But was there some way to … ? I thought and thought, and then I didn’t.

Message to Casey Dog: Thereby Hangs A Tail comes out Jan. 5. It may start turning up in stores before that.

Also, for all old-time country music fans out there: today is the birthday of Nudie Cohn, an important figure in country music.


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