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Congratulations John Baker!


March 16th, 2011 Posted 8:36 am

“So,” says Spence, pouring coffee, “John Baker, member of the Inupiat tribe, won the Iditarod, setting a new record by three hours.”

“Got the stats?” says Admin.

“Eight days 19 hours 46 minutes,” Spence says. “Average speed 4.98 mph. Prize is $50,400 plus a new Dodge pickup. He had 10 dogs – wish we had the names – and of them he said, ‘They are willing to climb any obstacle and make the most of it. I’m really proud of them.’ As for Justin Savidis, I think he’s currently 38th.”

“Not too shabby.”

“Think Chet and Bernie will ever get up there?”

“To Jack London country? Wouldn’t surprise me.”

Hey! Are they talking about me and Bernie? I wait for more.

Welcome Daily.


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