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Irene Cleanup


August 29th, 2011 Posted 8:29 am

“Leaf blower?” says Spence.

“Yup,” says Admin.





“Willing workers?”


“Then let’s get started.”

Three days left to become a Friend of Chet before the Friend of the Month contest. Winner’s photo is displayed in the special place over on the right, and winner’s human companion gets a signed copy of the most recent Chet and Bernie book.

Our apologies for the blog bug. The relevant people have been alerted and things will be back to normal soon.




August 27th, 2011 Posted 7:39 am

“You’ve got tickets to the noon game at Fenway Park today?” says Admin.

“Uh-huh,” Spence says.

“Plan to go?”


“Heard of Irene?”

Spence nods. “But it’s the Red Sox,” he says.

“What if they call the game while you’re on your way up there?” Admin says. “What if they play a few innings and then call it, and close the bridges before you can get back?”

“Lester’s pitching,” Spence says.

Welcome Kelly from the Adirondacks.

We’ll be back tomorrow, as long as there’s power.


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