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“I Enjoy.” (Learning from a 19 year old)


March 20th, 2023 Posted 8:21 am

Carlos Alcaraz, current #1 tennis player in the world, after winning the wonderful Indian Wells tournament last night:

“What I improve a lot is to don’t take the pressure, just to play relaxed. That’s why I show a great level, because I feel like I have no pressure. I enjoy. I’m playing relaxed.”




March 19th, 2023 Posted 7:58 am

On Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™. As a kind of a shout out to the very entertaining Indian Wells tennis tournament, which concludes today, let’s do a book where tennis plays a role. There are a few, including The Tutor, Lights Out, A Perfect Crime, and – coming next summer! Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge. And there’s this one, Thereby Hangs A Tail:

The perp looked around – what nasty little eyes he had! – and saw there was nowhere to go. We were in some kind of warehouse, big and shadowy, with a few grimy high-up windows and tall stacks of machine parts. I couldn’t remember how the warehouse fit in, exactly, or even what the whole case was all about; only knew beyond a doubt, from those nasty eyes and that sour end-of-the-line smell, a bit like those kosher pickles Bernie had with his BLT’s – I’d tried one; once was enough for the kosher pickles, although I always had time for a BLT – that this guy was the perp. I lunged forward and grabbed him by the pantleg. Case closed.



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