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Ides Of March Edition: Wookie’s Checkpoint, Coming Up!


March 15th, 2012 Posted 7:48 am

“Looks like AJ’s on his way to Elim,” says Spence. “Which is Wookie’s checkpoint. Go Snowhook! We’re talking about the Iditarod, for anyone new here, this great race where we’re very emotionally involved with the Snowhook team.”

“What’s our checkpoint, again?”

“Golovin, I think,” Spence says.

“Sounds Russian,” Admin says.

“I don’t think they go that far.”

“But have they been through Golovin yet?”

“Not sure. How about we give Rebecca a call today? She’s in Nome.”

“Why not?”

Welcome Smiley LaBrador and Bazalgette.


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