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March 10th, 2009 Posted 11:11 am

Yesterday we went on a big expedition with a hydrologist named Doctor Lo. Hydrologist – a new one on me, still don’t know what it is. Lots of digging was involved. She had these little jars and scooped dirt from the bottom of all these dry washes, using little trowels. That’s not the way I dig, of course, even in front paws only mode and yesterday I had all four going full speed, dug some really deep holes. “Chet, for God’s sake, Dr. Lo’s trying to do some research here.” And I was helping, whatever research happened to be. At the end Dr. Lo said, “I’ll test all this in the lab, but it doesn’t look good for water anywhere near here.” What was that? I could smell water, very very near. I dug faster and faster, but we had to go home before I found it.

At the end, Bernie said, “Send me the bill.” Huh? We were paying for this? It wasn’t even a case? Oh, Bernie.


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