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More on Travis and Oakley …


February 4th, 2019 Posted 8:15 am

… Chet’s Feb. Friend of the Month. Thanks to Sheri G, human companion, for sending this in:

“Travis & Oakley came to the SPCA of Polk County Texas separately as strays. Travis developed parvo symptoms, but with medication & TLC, he was able to overcome it. Oakley became his best friend. Our trainer worked with them on basic obedience, which helped them to be adopted together. Sadly, they were returned when it was discovered they liked to chase chickens. A few months later, Oakley was adopted by a nice lady and her small daughter. Travis was transferred to Austin Humane Society, where he was adopted and hopefully, is living the dream of regular pets and unlimited Slim Jims.”


Finnley (More)


November 9th, 2018 Posted 8:35 am

The human companion of the new Friend of the Month often tells us a little about them. Here’s Karen on Finnley (who will soon be in the little thingy top left):

“My daughter raised Finnley for Guide Dogs for the Blind. At about a year old he was dropped from the program and became our dog! Finnley is now 10 and loves treats and walks.”

Karen also mentioned that Finnley is capable of holding this pose just long enough to take the pic, and then the treat is gone!


Tess’s Human Companion …


July 2nd, 2018 Posted 8:13 am

… tells us a bit about July’s Friend of the Month:

“Tess joined our family one month ago, to be the little sister to Timber. Things were a little tricky at first, but now all is well in the nation within. Tess is a Havanese, weighs 5.6 lbs, is 12 weeks old, and lives near Annapolis, MD.”


Human Companion


June 5th, 2018 Posted 8:56 am

We have a newish feature where the human companion of the Friend of the Month – Friends, in this case – tells us a little something about them. Take it away, Chris B!
“Chevy dog, the little brown female, came into my life when I was 48. She was my very first dog. I look back now, and all those wasted years without a dog, how did I ever bear it! We were looking at a 3-family for sale in a slightly bad area of Springfield, Chevy was one of 20 puppies in a medium dog crate. Her status was one-up from runt. We brought her home as a graduation present for our son, but she chose us instead. A few months later, same scenario, we got Cotton (at 4 weeks old, yikes) and Chevy, spayed and all, was the perfect mom to Cotton. She let him chew on her muzzle till the hair turned white.
Chevys favorite pastime is driving around in my truck and standing on the console between the 2 bucket seats and being ‘console surfer’, and her absolute favorite thing while console surfing is waiting until you have to look right, so she can give you a Dog Wash, because, don’t you know, you must have something on your face that needs to be cleaned off?”

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