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Hospice Scene


August 7th, 2020 Posted 8:04 am

There seems to be some interest in the hospice scene in Of Mutts and Men. Here’s how it begins:

“Sheriff Gooden?” said Lois. “You’ve got visitors.”

He turned his head our way. His eyes were dull and lightless, and I smelled something strong and not good coming from inside him – not pee or poop or puke or any of that normal stuff – which actually doesn’t smell bad to me, interesting being the way to put it, always worth a sniff . This particular bad smell was something I’d smelled in a human or two before. It was the smell of a living thing inside them, a living thing that wasn’t them – a scary thought. Had I smelled something similar in a few members of the nation within? Uh-oh. My mind stopped right there. I have the kind of mind that looks out for me, at least most of the time.


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