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Lizard Men


June 4th, 2009 Posted 8:40 am

“So,” said Lt. Stine, “my guess is you got into a little back-and-forth with the pertroglyph thieves.”

Bernie nodded. “We just tried to get the point across that those petroglyphs really belong to everyone and should be left intact. These were particularly nice – there was a lizard man and a couple with people on horseback, meaning they were late ones, after the Spanish came.”

“Why is that?” said Lt. Stine.

Bernie looked a little surprised. “Because the Spanish brought horses here.”

Hey! I was with Lt. Stine on this, hadn’t known that. I wasn’t a big fan of horses – such prima donnas – and so the Spanish, whoever they were, hadn’t done us any favors. 

“And I suppose these two thieves reconsidered their ways after you clued them in,” said Lt. Stine.

“Not right away,” Bernie said. “In fact, one of them pulled a knife.”

I remembered that very well, the long blade glinting in the sunshine.


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