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Detective Fiction


April 10th, 2021 Posted 7:58 am

Yesterday in the comments, posting about detective fiction in general, Hobbit wrote:

“With successive books, the detective becomes more and more rich and famous–perhaps deservedly so but the books lose something in that scenario. I doubt if we have to worry about Bernie getting rich and buying fancy cars and a mansion. My guess.”

This is very shrewd! Especially re the books losing something. And the path of my likely solution.


A Message From Reader Hobbit …


April 3rd, 2021 Posted 8:07 am

… that means a lot to me:

“The after effects of my first chemo treatment had me at a pain level 8 out of 10 in the middle of a Friday night for four hours. As I tried to breathe through the pain I decided to focus on something I could look forward to. I immediately thought of the new Chet and Bernie book that would be coming out early summer. I wanted to be around for that.”

I’ll be thinking of you on pub date, Hobbit.


The Books

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