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Beach Reading?


July 5th, 2019 Posted 8:09 am

It’s beach reading time of year. We see Heart of Barkness turning up on beach reading lists. Warning: there are no beach scenes in HOB. But there is the following, truncated to avoid spoilers:

Human tears leave a smell in the air, a bit like the ocean, but way tinier. I was picking up that smell in this room. It reminded me of our trip to San Diego. We’d surfed, me and Bernie! At first on the same board and later we each had one. I preferred sharing a board, but there’d been issues, possibly involving who stood where. When you’re in front you get that ocean spray full in the face. I was thinking about how much I love ocean spray full in the face when the door on the far side of the room opened and …


Pub Date: Heart of Barkness!


July 2nd, 2019 Posted 7:39 am

Book launch is tonight 7 PM at Eight Cousins, 189 Main St., Falmouth Mass. Full tour schedule is at, click “events.”

And the first Amazon review was already up – before we were – from Kathleen G:

“5.0 out of 5 stars – A Treat – July 2, 2019.

I’d not read this series before so it took a minute for me to set my perspective to Chet’s. Chet’s a dog, which veteran readers of Quinn know but I didn’t. Quinn does a nice job, btw, of making it possible to hop in and know what’s what and who’s who so this is fine as a standalone. This time out, Chet and his human companion Bernie, a detective are poking around in the case of Lotty Pilgrim, a once well known country singer who has fallen on hard times and possibly murdered Clint, her companion and manager. They’re both convinced she didn’t do it (I liked Chet’s view of things here). As always in the genre, there are secrets, lies, and a twist that will make you nod … Fans of the series will love it and new readers have a treat ahead.”

Re Upper Story, the new Chet and Bernie short story that accompanies preorders – it will go out at noon ET today.


From A Stephen King Tweet …


June 26th, 2019 Posted 11:25 am

… on Song For Chet (which comes from Heart of Barkness, in stores on Tuesday but available for preorder):

“It touched my heart.”


Jim Frangione


June 21st, 2019 Posted 7:16 am

And of course, there’s an audio version of HEART OF BARKNESS, the complete text narrated by the very talented Jim Frangione who’s handled the whole series so superbly. (And something quite special happens at the very end of his reading!) Coming July 2, available for preorder.


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