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Mother’s Day Bargain!


April 28th, 2021 Posted 7:30 am

Or bah-gan as we say in these parts. Heart of Barkness is a Mother’s Day Kindle Big Deal from now till May 2. $2.99 at all retail outlets, not just Amazon! Among many other things, Song For Chet appears in Heart of Barkness. Do you own a couch? That means you’ve got $2.99 under the cushions!


Recent Amazon Review – Heart of Barkness


April 23rd, 2021 Posted 7:21 am

Simply Wonderful. I absolutely love every one of these books! In an age where writers (along with everyone else it seems) are trying to impress their personal opinions and political views onto the general public, I can rely on Chet and Bernie to entertain me without any passive aggressive digs or attacks…just good stories, good people, and one of the best dogs ever!



A Recent Amazon Reader …


March 26th, 2021 Posted 10:10 am

… on the Chet and Bernie series:

Every time I recommend Chet & Bernie, I always get prolific thanks… I’ve read the series three times and enjoyed them every time.

[Prolific thanks – who wouldn’t want some?]


Punch Lines


March 12th, 2021 Posted 7:23 am

Woke up thinking about punch lines, who knows why. In cartoons the set up is the picture and the punch line is the caption. Some punch lines stand on their own, like “Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?” In the Chet and Bernie series I have a feeling I sometimes do set ups only, leaving the punch line to you, the readers. I’ll search for an example or two tomorrow, but for now thanks, readers, for pitching in!


The Books

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