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A Recent Amazon Review of Heart of Barkness


November 23rd, 2019 Posted 7:23 am

Posted because we love the reviewer’s name.

Adorabelle  Dearheart on Heart of Barkness, Nov.21, 2019:


(After the ending of the last book, I was worried. I love Chet and Bernie.)”

[Pictured below – the “last book” she was referring to.]




What’s In A Name?


November 15th, 2019 Posted 10:23 am

Mrs. Publicist: Fifteenth of the month, when Peter Abrahams aka Spencer Quinn discusses a character name from one of his books, often a Chet and Bernie. What’ll it be today?

Pete: How about Heart of Barkness?

Mrs. P: The latest Chet and Bernie? Take it away!

Pete: Well, then, let’s take a look at Flaco de Vargas, the aging and half-blind wrangler at Rancho de la Luna, a supporting character.

Mrs. P: The one whose brother Hector co-wrote How You Hung the Moon with Lotty Pilgrim, whose secret past is central to the story?

Pete: Whoa! Spoiler alert. But yes – that’s him. Country music – and country music from down on the border – is pretty much always in the background in Heart of Barkness. The truth is I set out to write a novel reminiscent of a murder ballad. I stole the name Flaco from Flaco Jimenez, the great Mexican musician.

Mrs. P: What if I told you I hunted around on YouTube and found him playing on an actual murder ballad?

Pete: That would be great, but not exactly a surprise.

Mrs. P: Thanks, Pete! See you next month for more of What’s In A Name!


Interrupted Beginnings


November 3rd, 2019 Posted 7:16 am

Normally on Sundays we do beginnings – taking a look at the openings of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. But today time is on my mind, due to the clock change. Why are we doing this? One extra hour of sleep on one morning in exchange for months of too-soon nightfalls? (An extra hour of sleep that did not happen here, by the way, due to my failure to issue a heads-up to Audrey and Pearl, who awoke at their usual time.)

Here, from Heart of Barkness, a little bit on the subject of time.

Meanwhile Rick stepped on the gas and we sped away from his place, where I’d been staying for what seemed like a long time. That was a worrisome thought. I tend to stay away from worrisome thoughts, like to spend my time in the here and now.


World Series Game 7!


October 30th, 2019 Posted 8:37 am

That doesn’t happen every day. Here’s a bit of baseball from Heart of Barkness, the latest Chet and Bernie (a series which can be read in any order!).

A man in a cowboy hat stood behind the bar, his back to us, watching baseball on a tiny TV, no sound. Too bad: baseball sounds great, and the crack of bat on ball is off the charts.

“What’s the score?” Bernie said.

“Diamondbacks two, Dodgers one,” the man said, and turned to us. He had skin that reminded me of old leather and a huge, pure white mustache that curled way up on both cheeks. His hair was also pure white, and reached his shoulders. What else? He wore a red shirt and a bolo tie. In short, there was lots to look at this with this guy, all good.

“You’re a fan?” he said.

“Love the game,” Bernie said.

“They say it’s too slow.”

“I know.”

“But – “ The old man wagged his finger, twisted and bent. Right away, my tail got a funny feeling, like always when finger-wagging starts up. “ – they’re wrong,” he went on. “Everything else is too fast. You follow?”

“I do,” Bernie said.


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