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How To Make A Writer Feel Good


December 30th, 2020 Posted 1:00 pm

An Amazon reader today on Heart of Barkness:

“Great series: Read this whole series during lock down to my 98 yr old mother. We both loved it.”



Musical Interlude


December 9th, 2020 Posted 11:44 am

Back when I was writing Heart of Barkness, I mentioned to my friend Bob, an Emmy winning sound guru, that one of the characters would be singing a Song For Chet and I’d written the lyrics. To which he responded, “Do you want it to be a real song?” Thanks, Bob!



Not Beginnings


December 6th, 2020 Posted 7:53 am

Sunday, when we usually take a look at the beginning of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. But not today! First, let’s answer reader Margaret Meeker Arnold who writes in asking whether the Chet and Bernie short stories – now available in digital form only – will ever be collected in printed form. Great idea, Margaret! I’m going to make inquiries and will report back. Second, the holidays are coming. Christmas comes up from time to time in C&B (suppose you were stumped for a gift, for example). Here’s a little something from Heart of Barkness:

Iggy’s my best pal. The fun we used to have, in the days before the electric fence salesman paid them a visit! That adventure with the FedEx truck and all those boxes of Christmas hams – flimsy boxes, as it had turned out!


Culture Clash


November 12th, 2020 Posted 8:27 am

Culture Clash:
“Who said anything about beer?” Myron said.
“You’ll be thirsty,” said Oksana. “It’s thirty-eight degrees.”
“How many times do I have to tell you? Talk Farenheit.”
“Farenheit is stupid.”
Oksana stuck a cigar between Myron’s lips, struck a match with her thumbnail, and lit the cigar. Myron blew out some smoke. “Oksana, meet Bernie. He’s a private detective.”
“Is he going to lock you up?”
“A private detective,” Myron said. “Private detectives can’t lock anybody up.”
“Shut up! What a country!”
(From Heart of Barkness. Have we mentioned that the paperback version is part of Barnes and Nobles Buy-One-Get One at 50% program until 11/29?)



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