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November 22nd, 2020 Posted 7:42 am

On Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. How about Heart of Barkness, the second most recent Chet and Bernie novel? (A series that can be read in any order!) The Heart of Barkness paperback is a pick in the Barnes and Noble buy one and get a second at 50% off. What a country! Offer is good for a few more days. Would Heart of Barkness be a good holiday gift? Not for someone who can’t read, so watch out for that.

“Red-letter day, Chet,” said Sergeant Rick Torres, our buddy at the Valley PD Missing Persons Department. “In the car.”

Red-letter day was a mystery to me, and maybe red is, too. Bernie says I can’t be trusted when it comes to red, something I’ve never understood. I knew fire hydrants were red, for example, knew that as well as I know my own name. Which is Chet, in case you missed it, right up there off the jump. I also know “in the car,” and never need to be asked twice. Or even once. Rick opened the passenger-side door of the black-and-white. I hopped in, sat up nice and tall, totally alert, ready for anything. Was my tongue hanging out? Possibly. I got most of it stuffed back in. We have standards, me and Bernie, just one of the reasons that the Little Detective Agency is so successful, except for the finances part. It’s called the Little Detective Agency on account of Bernie’s last name being Little, but we’re equal partners, Bernie handling the gunplay and the so-therefores and me bringing other things to the table. Maybe we’ll get to my teeth a little later.


Culture Clash


November 12th, 2020 Posted 8:27 am

Culture Clash:
“Who said anything about beer?” Myron said.
“You’ll be thirsty,” said Oksana. “It’s thirty-eight degrees.”
“How many times do I have to tell you? Talk Farenheit.”
“Farenheit is stupid.”
Oksana stuck a cigar between Myron’s lips, struck a match with her thumbnail, and lit the cigar. Myron blew out some smoke. “Oksana, meet Bernie. He’s a private detective.”
“Is he going to lock you up?”
“A private detective,” Myron said. “Private detectives can’t lock anybody up.”
“Shut up! What a country!”
(From Heart of Barkness. Have we mentioned that the paperback version is part of Barnes and Nobles Buy-One-Get One at 50% program until 11/29?)



Not Beginnings


June 30th, 2019 Posted 7:46 am

On Sundays we usually do beginnings, but with Heart of Barkness coming on Tuesday – and we did the beginning 2 weeks ago – how about a random taste from inside the book?

The door opened and in stepped – oh, no. A robot. I knew robots from a visit I’d made to the science fair at Charlie’s school. “Let’s see if we can get Robie to scratch Chet between the ears,” some kid had said. And the next thing I knew I was back outside in the car.


Attention Shoppers!


June 28th, 2019 Posted 7:03 am

Heart of Barkness, the new Chet and Bernie novel, comes out on Tuesday. That means there’s still time for the canny among you to take advantage of the publisher’s preorder offer and get the new Chet and Bernie short story – called Upper Story for reasons that will become apparent – for free. Free! One of the best words in the language! Although canny is also good.


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